Employing an innovative framework that concentrates on a country’s GDP rather than its market capitalization, PIMCO’s Global Advantage Indexes (GLADI) provide investors with a benchmark that targets international growth opportunities while avoiding debt-heavy economies.

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  • No data available
  • Below 0
  • Between 0 and 3
  • Between 3 and 6
  • Between 6 and 10
  • Above 10
  • As of April 2012. Source: IMF World Economic Outlook
  • No data available
  • Japan 8%
  • Other Industrialized Countries 11%
  • Eurozone 21%
  • US 24%
  • Emerging Markets 36%
  • Five year GDP average for region/country, IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2012
  • No data available
  • Between 0 and 40
  • Between 40 and 80
  • Between 80 and 120
  • Above 120
  • As of April 2012. Source: IMF World Economic Outlook
  • Global Advantage
    Bond Index

    A forward-looking benchmark weighted according to a country’s  income (i.e., GDP), rather than  the size of its debt. Created for investors looking for diversified, global investment-grade bond portfolios that seek higher risk-adjusted returns over the long term.


  • Global Advantage
    Government Index

    An intelligent, GDP-weighted alternative to traditional government bond indices, which tend to favor economies that are heavy borrowers  due to their market capitalization weighted approach.


  • Global Advantage
    Inflation-Linked Bond Index

    A global inflation-linked bond (ILB) index that utilizes a GDP-weighted approach to offer exposure that spans world issuers of inflation-linked bonds emphasizing leading contributors of global growth, including the more rapidly growing emerging markets.